The Modern Day Utility Belt

Fashionable and stylish on the outside. Nerdy on the inside.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a belt buckle with this belt? Yes, just punch a hole and your good to go. I am larger than size 46 waist but I really want this, what can I do? Well, thanks to our ingenious design, you can actually daisy chain several belts together for one gigantic super size belt. It might be better just to hit the gym and check back in a few inches. Can I put my weed in there? Only in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Can I access the items while wearing the belt? Generally speaking, yes. Larger items can usually be easily accessed. Items partially concealed between two panels (such as money) can also be accessed with relative ease, presuming you remember where you keep it. Items fully concealed under a velcro panel can be more difficult to access while the belt is on, depending on how tightly you wear it. Is it available in brown? Nope. Throw out all your brown shoes. What should I put in it when I travel? The possibilities are limitless. I can however tell you that TSA does not like swiss army knives! Is it made in America? Yes, that is what the giant "Made in the U.S.A." logo at the bottom of the screen means. Can I buy them in bulk at a wholesale price for my store? Maybe if you ask nicely. Is there a warranty? One year limited warranty against manufacturers defect. You pay shipping. How can I buy it? It's easy, just click here! Can I order from outside the United States? Yes, so long as you do not reside in one of the countries on the state department's naughty list (Like North Korea). What is included? The belt, the velcro panels, our nifty velcro business card and a handy plastic bag. Does that mean the gadgets shown are not included? You're quick. That's right, items like swiss army knives, nail clippers, flashlights and front door keys are sold separately (But not by us). That dollar bill you see, you need to earn that son.
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